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Patch 1.1 (Season 1)
Hello everyone! Today's update will have alot of known bug fixes and problems along with very cool and new feature added to the server to make your server experience more enjoyable however, I know since we are still in beta there will be more problems and bugs I just want to give a big thank you to everyone that has stuck around to enjoy the server for what it is and further the server in a positive outlook we will be going day by trying to add more things and fixes more issues as the days go by as much as we can. For now what we have listed below is some of the NEW features and fixes to the server enjoy!


Added detail to PortQara.
Added detail to Swamplands.
Added detail to Obsidian fields.
Fixed HiddenValleys spawn point.

As of right now the RpgWorld is not being worked on for a big release because we ran into some big issues that we're still trying to resolve but we're still planning on a later date in time to add it in but it's not set in stone when that will be, Sorry for everyone that has been wanting this out but we want the quest, mobs, etc. To be perfect experience for you and not all clunky and filled with errors and bugs but we will still be working on it everyday don't worry about that just can't give you a set time. What we can promise you though is replacing it with bosses in the mean time and we have more to say about that down below!

Bosses have been added to the world as of right now there was only one that was made and it was the bandit boss, but with this new update we've added 10 new bosses and with these 10 new bosses they hold alot of good loot ranging from Common all the way up to godly items and gold. So grab your faction members and take on the bosses for amazing rewards!

As you all know we've been working really hard to make sure the classes try to stay balance as possible and with all the bugs and reports I've gotten over the time I think we've got them all fixed up so here is a list of everything change with the classes, of course if you find any issues report them to us and they will be fixed ASAP!

Fixed Sorcerers ForcePush - Where it would sometimes whip the players in the air AND not forcepush the player in the right Direction.
Fixed Knights Whip - It wouldn't whip players to the caster, just in a random direction.
Fixed Psyko - Psyko had alot of bugs to even begin explaining, sorry to be so short but Psyko is now available once again for the public.
Fixed ShadowKnight - Health, defense and damage output was all fixed.
Fixed Paladin - Paladins HolyHands was a bit buggy when using it close up or through walls, should work fine now.
Added Paladin - We have added a new message to paladin with HolyHands when healing a ally.
Added Assassin - Added a regeneration on sneaky after using the ability.

Durability (new)

We finally were able to make the perfect durability plugin (we think), now it's new and there could be some bugs to go along with this so just be sure to report them in whenever need be but that being said here is a little list of what armor has been buffed along with it's tools and weapons.

• Gold Armor / Tools / Weapons 
• Leather armor

Bandages (new)
We have added bandages to the server that will help players heal in battle they will be found in the wild on the bosses! They're very rare to get but for that they're very useful in combat.

Rarity for bandages:
• Common
• Rare
• Epic
• Legendary
• Godly

For as of right now headhunting for this realm is disable but doesn't mean we will have other realms in the feature to have this added in once again, reason on why we remove this from our server is alot people didn't get the concept of it and we saw it to be a non-needed plugin (for now) till we can make it more understandable for players, partially our fault for the lack of information given, sorry about that! But it will be added again just later on I've a big thing I want to do with this later on down the road so no worrys about it for those that love this! We will also be working on this to make it better in the long run. 

The shop prices have been fixed and made right where the ECO won't be busted anymore, that being said if you do find a way to exploit or find any bugs in the shop again please do tell us were we can resolve the issue ASAP.
Well that's pretty much it AOX players, I just want to say again that love you guys & girls for enjoying your time and playing the server as much as possible hope to see you all again soon on the server and get back to the battle field! :)

Thank you!
​- AOX Staff team

14 Jul 2018, 18:35 0 | 2
Patch 1.0 (season 1)

Welcome everyone to the new website! and I am here to say that all AOX staff team hope you guys & girls love the new update along with the new website here are a few things you can find out and know about the update so far.


Fixed some bugs and glitches causing players to get blocked on thin-air.
Fixed and edited some parts of the world.
Added some new blocks and areas to the world.


We are still working and making sure everything is working just fine for this world to come! Sorry for the inconvenience but we're working really hard to get everything ready for this new world I hope you all will love it, will be coming out very soon there will be no big update when comes out so stay online or on the website forums to stay in touch to be the first one look at it! 


Fixed Sorcerers Forcepush where it wouldn't push players.
Fixed Marksmans leap where it wouldn't leap correctly.
- Cleaned up the (Class select) a bit.

This is just a small little update, we will make sure to fixed more bugs when we get the reports in so if you find any please do tell us so we can get right on to working again along with any map issues, bugs, glitches etc! We all hope you love the server and can enjoy your time playing on it! Hope to see you all soon. :)

Thank you!
- AOX Staff team

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