KnightsPower - Knights have a chance to hit x2 the damage.

Haste - Knights gain a burst of speed for each kill they earn.

Slash - Knights have a chance to bleed their targets.

Whip - Knights Sling their target backwards and slowing them when landing.

Armor requirements - None

Item requirements -  Feather


Fireball - Sorcerers shoot a fireball at their target setting their enemy on fire and dealing  damage.

FireBreath - Sorcerers blow fire out their mouth setting their enemy on fire and dealing damage.

Blink - Sorcerers can teleport from one spot to the other.

ForcePush - Sorcerers push their enemys away from them.

Armor requirements - None

Item requirements - Firework star


HymnOfStrength - Bards gives their allies and themself strength 1 for 8 seconds.

HymnOfSpeed - Bards give their allies and themself speed 2 for 8 seconds.

HymnOfRegeneration - Bards give their allies and themself regeneration 3 for 8 seconds.

HymnOfResistance - Bards give their allies and themself resistance 3 for 8 seconds.

HymnOfBoost - Bards give their allies and themself jumpboost 8 for 8 seconds.

StopTime - Bards stoptime giving enemy targets slowness 4 and blindness 4 for 10 seconds.

Armor requirements - Iron armor

Item requirements - Noteblock & Clock 


FireShot - Marksmans can shoot fire arrows setting their enemy targets on fire and dealing damage.

PoisonShot - Marksmans can shoot poison arrows giving their enemy targets poison.

ParalyzeShot - Marksmans can shoot their enemy target giving them slowness on-hit.

Leap - Marksmans can leap in the air for a quick get away.

Armor requirements - Leather armor

Item requirements - Bow & Feather

HolyLight - Paladins heal themself for 6 hearts.

HolyHands - Paladins can heal their allies for 4 hearts and giving them regeneration.

ActOfGod - Paladins pray to their god giving them a orb of protection around them, making them untargetable for 12 seconds.

Armor requirements - Gold armor

Item requirements - Golden shovel

Backstab - Assassins have a chance to deal 25% more damage attacking from behind their enemy target.

Sneaky - Assassins teleport behind their target they look at dealing damage and poisoning them for 5 seconds.

Vanish - Assassins go invisible for 20 seconds gaining speed 3 untill vanish time ends.

Armor requirements - Leather armor

Item requirements - Ghast tear

Rage - Psykos  go into a blind rage gaining Strength 2, Speed 4, Regeneration 2, Resistances 2 and nasesa 2 for 9 seconds.

HeadSlam - Psykos rush forward stunning the enemy target for 4 seconds.

Shout - Psykos let out a large roar slowing all near by enemys.

Armor requirements - Leather tunic & Leather pants

Item requirements - Fermented spider eye

Nightmare - At night Shadowknights gain Nightvision 1, Speed 3 and Resistance 3 last untill morning time.

Darkness - Shadowknights let off a dark ring around them dealing damage to all near by enemys upon cast enemys get blindness for 4 seconds.

Decay - Shadowknights spawn bats around their enemys damaging and slowing them on-hit.

Lightout - Shadowknights let their bats out to play turning any time of day to night.

Armor requirements - Chainmail armor

Item requirements - Bone

Fate - Martyrs gain more damage the lower health they have.

Pray - Martyrs sacrifice 3 hearts gaining regeneration 1 and giving their allies regeneration 1 and absorption 3.

Wise - Martyrs sacrifice 5 hearts to protect their allies and themself making them un-targetable for 8 seconds.

Switch - Martyrs can switch health with their enemy to gain advantage in the fight.

Armor requirements - Leather cap & boots, golden chestplate & leggings

Item requirements - Golden nugget

Nimble - Tricksters take no fall damage.

Velocity - Tricksters have speed 4 and jumpboost 5.

Toxic - Tricksters have poison auto attacks.

That Loving Feeling - Gives tricksters regeneration 8 for 4 seconds.

DURR - Tricksters have a chance to slow their enemys.

Fish To The Face - Tricksters have a chance to deal x4 the damage.

Armor requirements - Golden helmet & boots, Iron chestplate & leggings

Item requirements - None